Do Runners Cheat On Diets, Too?

runners diet cheatsDo Runners Cheat On Diets, Too? You bet…

Actually they get away with a lot of these due to the fact that they can always run after over eating.

It’s simple, calorie in and calorie burned needs to be in order otherwise calories pile up which turns into weight gain.

What if you don’t do any exercise at all, not good, right?

Let’s put it this way (excuse), there are times when you just can’t go and do any physical exercises at all. Time constraints, work load, feeling under the weather and all kinds of situations where you’re shut from any activities to burn calories.

You can always try not to eat much…or diet cheat.

Here’s what I do. I drink coffee and pop in carb blockers before meals.

Let me explain… I drink coffee daily and so I choose one coffee blend that is infused with MCT oil that helps burn calories, that’s one.

The second one is even better, If I were to eat a big meal and a whole bunch of calories I have the weapon on mass carb blocking power. This little arsenals packed an ability to block 500 calories per meal.

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